Willingham Senior Section Unit accomplish the Mission Spectacular

Willingham Senior Section are using the Mission Spectacular challenge as the basis of their programme this term. So far they have completed activities from five of the eight themes.

For the “Be self-reliant” theme they decided that mending a bicycle puncture wasn’t enough of a challenge, so they changed the wheel on a Leaders car. She’s relieved that it’s not fallen off yet!

As food often features in Senior Section meetings, for the “Get outside” theme it had to be lighting fires, but cooking kebabs rather than marshmallows on them. They’re also planning to go geocaching later in the term. The girls chose the Ready, Steady, Create! activity for “Be inventive” theme – more food. One team had chicken, mushrooms and chorizo as their mystery ingredients and the second team had chocolate, mango and digestive biscuits. One of the Leaders, Claire, very bravely tried the food to judge each dish.

The Cup communication challenge was the activity they chose for the “Take the lead” theme – this required them to stack plastic cups using only an elastic band and pieces of string! The Senior Section team were up against three teams of Guides and a Leaders team. One member of The Senior Section commented “at least we didn’t come last!”

The latest theme completed was “Looking back”. Ann Mitchell, the County Archivist, ran an evening for the Senior Section and Guides telling them about the sections over the last 100 years, including activities that they would have done. She also showed them uniforms from the past which the girls could try on. The Guides preferred the pre-1950’s uniforms, whereas the Senior Section girls decided that they would like to stick with what they wear now.

Still to come is a party for the Guides at the end of term to celebrate finishing the Mission Spectacular!

Cup communication Ready, Steady, Create! Looking back Be self-reliant

Get outside Get outside