Swavesey Rainbows go from Engineers to Scientists

Following the success of an Engineer parent sharing her skills, 1st Swavesey Rainbows have been lucky to have had a scientist Mum, Melissa, come in and help the girls aged 5-7 with the Eureka Science Challenge badge.

Eureka Science Challenge badgeFirstly Melissa explained about the safety clothes that scientists wear: white coat and safety glasses. She then introduced them to chromatography, but with a detective twist! They had to find out which of the three Minions had sent a valentine card to Anja; was it Stuart with the brown pen, Bob with the purple pen or Kevin with the green pen? The girls produced some colourful circles and also tried with black to see what colours that pen produced.

Other experiments included connecting bulbs and batteries to turn a light on; blowing gently into limewater so that the carbon dioxide they breathed out turned the limewater cloudy; and mixing vinegar and Alka-Seltzer tablets and watching it fizz like a volcano erupting. However the most fun (and the most mess!) was made trying to decide if a cornflour mixture was liquid or solid!

Melissa then demonstrated a couple of experiments to the Rainbows. She showed the girls how a heat source (burning matches) in the conical flask sucked a hard-boiled egg through the narrow opening in the top of the flask. Then she added some yeast to hydrogen peroxide in a flask which produced lots of foam. This experiment is known as elephant’s toothpaste!

Because the girls had loved seeing the egg squeeze through the neck of the flask, Melissa ended the session by repeating it.

Swavesey Rainbows - Cornflour Swavesey Rainbows - Lights

Swavesey Rainbows - Chromatography Swavesey Rainbows - Safety clothing