Spectacular fires at Brownies

3rd Histon Brownies built spectacular fires at their meeting this week!

The girls chose to learn how to build different types of fire for part of their Mission Spectacular badge to celebrate 100 years of The Senior Section this week. Each group of Brownies built a different style – the Elves built a star fire, the Gnomes built a lean-to fire, the Imps built a log cabin fire and the Leprechauns built a tepee fire.

Once all the fires were built, one girl from each group lit her fire and we all compared how easy they were to build and light and how well they burned. After the flames had died down a little, the important part of the evening – marshmallow toasting – began. As Lexie, aged 8, said “I wish we could stay here all night eating marshmallows and watching our fires burn”.

Comparing spectacular fires

Spectacular fires - log cabin fire Spectacular fires - teepee fire Spectacular fires - lean-to fire Spectacular fires - star fire