National Scout and Guide Service attended by members of the County.

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The National Scout and Guide Service of Celebration and Thanksgiving was attended by two members of the County and their guests on Saturday 1 November 2014. Sheila Betts from Trumpington, a member of the County Management Team and Chair of The Jarman Centre, along with Gladys Harwin from March, a County Vice President and member of the March Trefoil Guild, travelled to London for the service accompanied by their guests.

It was a special day for Gladys who had the opportunity to meet the Chief Guide, Gill Slocombe.  Gladys has been involved in Guiding since she was a Brownie and on Sunday 9 November she will be celebrating her 90th birthday. Gladys’ previous leadership roles have included Guide Leader, Residential Adviser and Public Relations Adviser. She was welcomed into the Abbey by Girlguiding Anglia’s Chief Commissioner, Mary Putt. When asked to comment on the day, Gladys said ‘It was nice meeting the Chief Guide and it was a great honour to attend this event for service when I have enjoyed every minute of what I have done. Through guiding I have so many friends.’

The National Scout and Guide Service of Celebration and Thanksgiving is an annual event held in Westminster Abbey that focuses on thanking the adult volunteer leaders and supporters for their service and dedication.

National Scout and Guide

Meeting Anglia Region Chief Commissioner Mary Putt

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Anglia Region report

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