Shelford Guides try Olympic sport

The girls at 1st Shelford Guides recently tried out judo, the sport that won Team GB two medals at the Olympics. The girls had a fabulous time learning, amongst other things, how to fall safely, how to get out of the scarf hold and what ‘stop!’ is in Japanese (in case you’re wondering it’s ‘mate’ – pronounced matteh).

The Guides also played with sumosuits, huge foam rolls and giant boxing gloves. In the final game, the girls were split into teams and took it in turns to try to retrieve a black belt from under a large thick foam mat that several other Guides were sitting on – not easy! The coaches are from Happidojo, based at Shelford Rugby Club, and would be delighted to run similar sessions for Guide groups in the Cambridge area – contact Peter Edmonds on 07920 064288.

judo montage gif