Fun packed sleepover for 3rd Histon Brownies

When the Brownies were planning their term they had so many ideas that they couldn’t fit them all into their regular meeting nights. So because they also asked for a sleepover in their meeting place, the Leaders decided to combine that with some of their other suggestions.

They spent the evening on the field playing games and relaxing in the sunshine. As the sun went down, they headed inside to share a Chinese takeaway, play board games in small groups and join together for a game of Trivial Pursuit which lasted until bedtime.

Rising early the next morning, they packed their bags, ate breakfast and were out of the hall before 9am! They did a quiz trail around the village hunting for things that they pass every day without even noticing them. Later they fed the ducks on the Village Green and played at the park.

After lunch and tidying up, they were off to the swimming pool where they enjoyed playing games, swimming, diving and attempting water acrobatics! After all their adventures, they were rewarded with slush puppies in the sun before their parents arrived. Evie, aged 8, said “I don’t want to go home, I’m having too much fun with my friends!”

Histon 002