Caroline is a Guiding Star!

A Guiding Star award was presented to Caroline Daboo at Girlguiding Cambridgeshire East’s Winter Awards Presentation event on Saturday 17th January 2015.

guiding star

Left to Right Jean Verney County Commissioner, Mary Putt Anglia Chief Commissioner and Caroline Daboo

The award was made under the criteria of showing courage and determination in guiding in the face of a serious or long-term medical condition and of coping with exceptional circumstances in life.

Before receiving her award, Caroline and her Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award group gave a presentation on their Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Expedition. Caroline is an electric wheelchair user and the presentation highlighted some of the challenges the group faced, including fallen trees, electrically charging the wheelchairs and adapting a shewee!

Caroline received her award from Girlguiding Anglia’s Chief Commissioner Mary Putt and Girlguiding Cambridgeshire East’s County Commissioner and Duke of Edinburgh’s Award expedition supervisor Jean Verney in front of family and friends.

Those who nominated Caroline for the award had the following to say about her.

“I am amazed at how much she continues to achieve and how she will not let her problems stop her. She has taken many setbacks on the chin, treating each as a new challenge to be overcome.” Gwilym Thomas, on behalf of Cambridge University Scout and Guide Club

“Many people, no matter what their age, would have found the process of becoming a wheelchair user a very traumatic one, not least as they would feel that many doors were closed to them. I am not saying that Caroline has not found the transition difficult, in many ways it has been extremely difficult, but she has tackled the new challenges with initiative and a determination which we have all been delighted to see. “Teri Fleetwood, Senior Section Leader in Surrey West County

On receiving the award Caroline said

I am incredibly moved to have received a Guiding Star Award. I had no idea that I had been nominated for one and would never have considered that what I do in my life as anything special. The award means a lot to me and I am so pleased that my family, Girlguiding friends, members of the Cambridge University Scout and Guide Club and even my Ranger leader were there to share this occasion with me. If I am a Guiding Star, then I have only become one because of the stars in my own life who have given me the tools, courage and opportunity to become who I am today. The people who are behind me, who support me in so many ways, who say ‘yes’ to me when they hear another of my mad plans, and who remind me every day how lucky I am. Without the consistent support of Girlguiding in the many shapes and forms I have experienced it over the last few years, I am not sure how I would have coped with the massive changes that have happened in my life. Girlguiding, and more importantly the people I have come into contact with through it, has reminded me that whatever happens, however difficult or different things may be, I will always be good enough as long as I keep the same promise I have been making since I was a seven year old Brownie: I will do my best.

Guiding Star Guiding Star


You can read more about Caroline’s Guiding Adventures on the charity Scope’s blog