Could these Brownies be our engineers of the future?

Last term, a group of University of Cambridge students from Engineers Without Borders paid an exciting visit to the 40th Cambridge Brownies to talk about ‘Water for the World’.

The engineers gave an interactive presentation on water and how people around the world are affected. The Brownies were quizzed on how much water we use in the UK compared to some other places in the world and how clean and dirty it can be around the world.

The Brownies then worked with the students to build water filters to clean some dirty water, with each Six representing a different country around the world with a different amount of money to spend.

Hope Hardman, 9, said, ‘We learned lots about water. I think it was very good because we were able to filter out most of the muddy water.’

They really enjoyed working out how to spend their money to try to get the cleanest water as well as being shocked at the dirty water that many children in the world have to drink and wash in every day.

Engineer Cameron said, ‘with only 10% of engineers in the UK being female, it was great to inspire the girls with how engineering can make a lifesaving difference!’


Brownies watching demonstration

40th Cambridge Brownies discover Water for the World