1st Swavesey Rainbows become Engineers

Nicole, a Rainbow Mum, visited 1st Swavesey Rainbows recently to share her knowledge and help the girls aged 5-7 to earn the Engineering Challenge Badge. She told the Rainbows all about her future work building the new A14 and discussed with the girls why it needs rebuilding. The girls all knew that the problems were due to too much traffic, vehicles breaking down, accidents and too many lorries!

During the first session, the Rainbows learnt about construction by building structures with spaghetti and marshmallows and found out that triangles work better than squares!

During the second week, they discussed safety. Nicole dressed up in her Personal Protective Equipment and discussed with the girls why each piece of equipment is important. They loved jumping on her steel toe capped boots! She brought along clothes for the girls to try on which caused lots of laughs and giggles as it was all so big! Nicole also explained the importance of traffic slowing down as it passes road works to keep the road builders safe. The Rainbows then designed safety posters which Nicole has taken to put up on site.

To finish off the badge Nicole showed the girls pictures of large structures around the world, such as the tallest building, the longest bridge etc. Then the girls divided into teams to design and build their own structures. They could buy Lego bricks with button ‘money’ and had to think about how much the bricks cost and which was the best way to buy them. They were then marked on how closely their structure matched their drawing, how many buttons it cost them to build the structure and also how long it took them to build it. They were all very busy all session!

Engineering Challenge Badge

Spaghetti & marshmallow tower Lego Structure Safety