1st Ely Rainbows explore Fairtrade at Sainsbury’s store

rainbows roundabout Global Adventure

As part of their Roundabout Global Adventure, 1st Ely Rainbows visited the Sainsbury’s store in Ely last Monday. They explored the store, learnt about Fairtrade and located several Fairtrade items around the store including roses, bananas and honey.

The event was organised on behalf of the group by Leader Jenny  Dwight-Smith to tie in with Fairtrade Fortnight, an annual awareness campaign aiming to raise the profile of the Fairtrade Foundation.

Sainsbury’s Ely Store Manager Karen Watts said: “We’re proud to be able to share our knowledge about Fairtrade with our local community and it was great to help 1st Ely Rainbows learn more about the wide range of Fairtrade products that we sell”.