Waterbeach Brownies discover the ocean wonders

What better way to mark British Science Week than by a visit from a world-renowned marine biologist? Waterbeach Brownies were lucky enough to do just this in March 2018.

They started their evening with a Rebel Girls story; that night’s tale of extraordinary women featured oceanographer Sylvia Earl; marine biologist, explorer, author and lecturer. A fitting start to an exciting evening, which was led by Frances Dipper; marine biologist, lecturer and prize-winning author. She lives in the next village and was delighted to come along and talk to the Brownies about her work.

A wow-factor slide show of photographs from some of Frances’ dives included some fishy characters you would definitely not want to meet on a dark night! The Brownies asked lots of questions as Frances gave her talk. So many that she started to lose her voice – oops!

The Brownies made up and tasted their own sea water to show exactly just how salty the ocean is. They also wrote their names underwater on waterproof paper and tried on scuba diving equipment. It was a fantastic evening learning more about what it means to be a marine biologist and a truly inspirational visit from Frances. One of the Brownie declared “I definitely want to be a marine biologist when I grow up!”

Waterbeach Brownies in scuba gear

Wtaerbeach Brownies in scuba gear