Two members of Cambridgeshire East Trefoil Guild gain Gold Voyage Awards!

Trefoil Guild members from Cambridgeshire East, Barbara Kippax and Edna McGoff, have become some of the first people in the country to be presented with their Gold Voyage Awards.

Trefoil Guild

The Awards were presented to them by Pat Downer, the National Chairman of the Trefoil Guild at the Trefoil Guild Anglia Region meeting in Aylesbury .In total, ten Trefoil Guild members from the Anglia Region were presented with their Gold Awards.

Both Barbara and Edna gained their Bronze Awards in the pilot for the award operated in the Anglia Region.

The Voyage Award is open to any member of theTrefoil Guild and is designed as a personal challenge. There are five sections: Service, Myself, Skills, Teamwork and Explore My World. The hours required to be spent on each section vary, but Bronze level takes at least 6 months to complete whilst  the Silver and Gold levels take 12 months each. Barbara and Edna have completed many different activities over the three years it has taken them to achieve the Gold standard, ranging from exploring new places, visiting churches they have never been to before, flower arranging and helping blind amateur radio operators at Blind Veterans UK..