Swavesey Guide earns all 41 Guide interest badges

Lara, a member of the Swavesey Guide group, has earned all 41 Guide interest badges. She completed the Baden-Powell Challenge Award, the highest award a Guide can achieve, last November. Looking for a new challenge, she decided to try to gain all the Guide interest badges. She achieved her goal at her final Guide meeting when she was awarded the last five badges.

Lara had to show a wide variety of skills to gain all the badges. They ranged from Camper to Chocolate, Interpreter to Independent Living and Party Planner to Personal Safety. She earned some badges alongside the other Guides in her unit including First Aid and Fire Safety. She gained others, such as Survival and Science, working with a small group of friends. However, she has mostly worked on them on her own.

Lara (shown on the right in the photo) has asked teachers and club instructors to test her, as well as other guiding Leaders and family friends. The toughest tester of all was her friend, Vicky (on the left in the photo), who tested her for the Team Player badge.

Lara says, “The first badge I earned was Camper; the most fun was World Guiding and the most challenging was Circus Skills.”

Caroline Stevens, the Leader of 1st Swavesey Rainbows said “Having tested Lara on a few of the badges, I know that she sets her standards very high and puts all she has into these badges; she is an amazing young lady. The badge that I had the most fun testing was the Cook badge, when Lara fed both our families a mouth-watering meal. The Confectioner badge was great to test too, as it involved making and eating many different sweets!”

Swavesey Guide on ight earns all 41 Guide interest badges