Mothers and daughters camp a roaring success

3rd Ely Guides camp

Mother and Daughter CampSeventeen Guides, 10 mothers and a member of The Senior Section from 3rd Ely Guides recently spent a weekend camping at The Jarman Centre near Newmarket. The camp was organized into five patrols: two of mothers and three of Guides.

Guide Leader Chris Turnbull explained “We had patrol points for tent inspection, gadgets, teamwork, wide game and challenges. These were all hotly contested! In over 30 years of leading Guide camps I have never seen the Guides so enthusiastic, skillful, competitive and trying to do their best. The mothers learned quickly or refreshed their 20 year old camping knowledge and were determined to beat the girls. They were particularly expert at making up raps/songs for campfire and at cooking the eggy bread. They also really enjoyed the archery session.”

Camp challenges included dressing up one of the patrol as a Robin Hood character, writing a press report, making a bow and arrow, getting the whole patrol off the ground, bark rubbing and using the chemical toilet as opposed to the plumbed variety in the building.

One of the mums, Helen, said “It was lovely to see my daughter interacting with her friends and being confident.” One of the Guides, also called Helen, said “This camp was more competitive than any other I have been on.”

Joint winners of the points system was a patrol of girls and a patrol of mothers.

One of the mothers, Lynne, has decided to become a leader within Girlguiding. This will mean that more girls will be able to benefit from the opportunities available to our members.