Moomin design mugs made by Guides for World Thinking Day!

Moomin mugs were the activity of choice for 1st Swavesey Guides. The Guides have been learning about Finland for World Thinking Day 2015.  ​

One of the activities the guides chose to help them appreciate this amazing country was to recreate some popular Finnish characters on mugs. The group hired the ceramic paints and pens from the County Office.  The Guides had a great evening creating their own Moomin mugs.  They were shown some original mug designs by their Finnish unit helper, an n adult volunteer with the group who explained that some mugs showed the front and back of the Moomin characters, while others had Moomins going round the mug and others with different images on the front and back of the mug.  The guides were then asked to come up with their own design, possibly using their favourite pastime for inspiration.  The pens were used by the Guides to draw the outline of their Moomins and add detail while the paints were used to fill in the larger areas.  With just some plain mugs and paints the guides let their imaginations run riot, resulting in Moomins roller skating, reading, walking, picking flowers, baking, playing netball and hide and seek.  There was even a Moomin wedding.

The group will be showing off their designs at Over District World Thinking Day celebrations at the end of this month.


moomin mugs

moomin moomin