Jasmine’s Baden-Powell Adventure

Jasmine, aged 13, from 3rd Littleport Guides writes about her Baden-Powell Adventure weekend.

To complete my Baden-Powell Challenge Award, I had to go on an adventure weekend as I had completed all of my other clauses. I choose this particular weekend because I was excited about living outdoors in a tee-pees. I wanted to go back to basics.

On the first night we all sat around the campfire getting to know each other, I was the only one there from my unit. The weekend was all Native American themed so we slept in tee-pees and ate native American food. The tee-pee I slept in held eight and, surprisingly, it was actually quite warm and comfortable.

The next day, before breakfast, most of the girls in my tent were chopping vegetables for the soup for lunch. Some girls went out to get water because there was no running water on the campsite and other people searched for fire wood. After breakfast we went canoeing. We canoed around the lake in pairs, trying to find the questions to a quiz. Once we found the questions we had to answer them! When everyone had finished the questions, we all got off of the lake to have a snack of beef jerky – I found it to be salty but delicious. We then went back to the campsite to eat lunch which was the soup we had prepared in the morning; it wasn’t the best soup as the corn soaked up all of the vegetables.

Skinning a rabbitAfter lunch we took part in craft activities. We made little animals out of beads and wire, and mini canoes made from leather. While we were doing this some of the girls were skinning some rabbits for dinner which the Park Ranger had shot for us. Before dinner some girls from Senior Section came to talk to us.

Dinner was rabbit, meatballs, stuffed marrow, mushrooms, pigeon and corn-on-the-cob. After dinner we sat around the campfire and sang camp songs. The next day we made wooden spoons and whistles out of branches before we went home.

I enjoyed the canoeing the most because it was something I’ve never done before; I learnt a new skill and worked with my partner to manoeuvre around the lake. I didn’t like some of the food we ate because it was all Native American themed and we had corn in every meal, even the pancakes were made with corn! One of the meals I really enjoyed, which surprised me, was the rabbit – it tasted just like chicken. I also liked the pancakes we had for breakfast on Sunday.

From this experience I have learned how to canoe, how to skin a rabbit and about the Native Americans. I also learned that I can push myself, try new experiences and be comfortable with new people. I was quite nervous about doing the adventure because I was the only one there from my unit and I wasn’t going to know anybody; but in the end I’m really glad I did it because I have made some good friends, had great fun and took part in an exciting experience. The memories I have made will stay with me forever!

Next in Guiding, I want to go to a Senior Section group, become a Young Leader, do my Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and eventually achieve my Queen’s Guide Award.

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