Hair donated by Kezzie to Little Princess Trust

When Kezzie from Toft Brownies said that she would like to have her hair cut short for charity, the leaders told her that was a lovely thing to do,. They suggested that she think about it for a couple of weeks just to make sure that she was certain. She didn’t change her mind.

So they looked at lots of different charities. Kezzie then chose the Little Princess Trust. This was because they would use her hair to make wigs for children  and young adults up to the age of 24 years who weren’t very well and had lost their own. She also decided to raise some money at the same time.

After her hair had been cut Kezzie was able to send off a whopping 40cm of hair. She is hoping to get a certificate from the Little Princess Trust. Well done Kezzie!


Kezzie long hair