Euro Hop adventure for 1st Witchford Brownies

1st Witchford Brownies

1st Witchford Brownies

A second group of Brownies from Cambridgeshire East have just returned from Euro Hop, a fun-filled four-day international adventure to celebrate the Big Brownie Birthday.

The 5 girls, all aged seven to 10, and 2 Leaders from 1st Witchford Brownies joined groups from all over the UK for Euro Hop – a one-off girl-only trip organised to mark The Big Brownie Birthday.

The young holiday-makers boarded a coach bound for Château d’Ebblinghem in Northern France on 22 August 2014.

During their stay, they had the chance to try out sand yachting, tour a chocolate factory and enjoy a French-themed soirée. They also had the choice of a range of evening activities – including a disco to celebrate The Big Brownie Birthday in style.

Phoebe aged 10 said “I loved the chocolate factory because it smelled good!”, while Lauren aged 9 commented “I liked the sand yachting because it was so fast.” Emily’s highlight was climbing the 366 steps of the bell tower seeing all the workings of the bells on the way up and a brilliant view at the top of Bruges. Sammy aged 9 told us that her  favourite moment was eating snails.

Over 300 Brownies from across the United Kingdom have taken part in Euro Hop Adventures since July.