Ely City District Big Weekend Sleepover

Last weekend 15 Rainbows and 30 Brownies from Ely City District took over the Jarman Centre in Newmarket for their “Big Weekend” of activities during the day followed by a sleepover with their friends.

All the girls had great fun trying different craft activities, completing outdoor tasks and singing at the campfire. Even the washing up and bathroom cleaning duties seemed to go down well!

Saskia, a Young Leader who helps at weekly meetings and at the Big Weekend said “It was great watching the girls have fun and it felt good knowing I was having a positive impact on their first sleepover.”

Charlotte from 4th Ely Rainbows said “The best thing was being with my friends. I liked visiting the shop and buying something for my big sister.” and Isabelle from 3rd Ely Rainbows said “I liked singing the penguin song at the campfire and making a wand for my bubbles.”

F02 Rainbows campfire F21 Washing up hatch

S12 Tea card JB










F10 Breakfast choc IL