Campfire evening grows a Brownie group!

CampfireAt the start of February, Hardwick Brownies invited Amy Dyson, County Music Adviser, to run an indoor campfire as part of their recruitment drive. Almost every Brownie brought a friend along to the event, with plenty of cuddly toys and blankets too. Surrounded by tents, an ingenious campfire flickered throughout the evening and torches twinkled in the twilight. It was only the fact that the Brownies were able to sit around in onesies in the winter that betrayed the fact that we were actually indoors!

Amy led the Brownies in a variety of songs all about animals. Some songs were already known to the group and some were new. There were plenty of action songs to keep the girls on their toes.

Lucy Gardner, a Leader, said, ‘We now have four new Brownies as a result of the evening so it was well worth everyone’s effort and very much appreciated.