Brownies support local charities

Twenty four girls from the 30th Cambridge Brownies have been busy this term collecting items for local charities as part of The Big Brownie Birthday Challenge. Their efforts culminated in inviting parents and local guiding friends for a Fairtrade Tea Party, where representatives from the charities came along to collect their donations.

Each Brownie Six chose a charity to support and many donations were collected for the Cambridge Food Bank, Wintercomfort, the Shepreth Hedgehog Hospital and Umoja, a education charity working in Tanzania founded by a former Brownie in the District.

During the evening, the girls told their guests about the history of Brownies and what they had been doing as part of the Challenge, which has included indoor climbing, a fake wounds and first aid evening, an international evening for World Thinking Day and speaking for two minutes about their favourite hobby.

Emily Fisher, a student at the University of Cambridge, organised the event as part of her Leadership Qualification. She said: “We had great fun at the event and are very proud of the Brownies for all their efforts over the whole term in collecting so many donations. Community action is a core part of guiding and we were delighted to be able to help so many charities as part of our Big Brownie Birthday celebrations”.  

Seven-year-old Mia, who has just joined the unit, told everyone that “30th Cambridge Brownies was started in May 1946” and that she was very excited to now be joining in the fun and adventures herself!


fundraising brownies

Brownies support charities as part of The Big Brownie Birthday Challenge badge