Brownie Adventure in Thetford Forest

Histon Brownies web 01Thirteen Brownies and three adult volunteers from 3rd Histon Brownies stayed in Thetford Forest last weekend for their Brownie Holiday. The girls chose the theme of “Adventure” and by the end they’d all tried something new!

They spent a day at High Lodge walking in the forest, building dens and playing in the activity areas, after which they had a campfire with singing, dancing and toasting of marshmallows. They also tried adventurous cuisine of “dog food” (chocolate in jelly) and “worms in dirt” (jelly worms on biscuits crumbs). All the Brownies loved the worms, but weren’t too keen on the dog food! On Sunday, they all tried archery and then designed and built their own miniature Adventure Parks. When their parents arrived to take them home, one Brownie was heard to say “I don’t want to go home, we’re having too much fun!”

Adventures like this are just part of the range of activities open to girls and young women through Girlguiding, which gives them their own space to grow in confidence, raise their aspirations and have fun.