Brinkley Guides Visit the Reedcutters’ Village at Hautbois

During the Easter break, 1st Brinkley Guides had a fabulous weekend staying in the Reedcutters’ Village at Hautbois.

The Guides took part in lots of adventurous activities. They went canoeing, traversed the low ropes course, completed the photo orienteering trail and built a bridge! Predictably, they chose the wet version of bridge building rather than the dry alternative.

They made a wide range of crafts, many of them on an Easter theme, earning their Craft badge. They also all gained the Easter Challenge Badge, designed by 7th Baildon Brownies. This involved Easter Egg Hunts, tasting Simnel Cake and visiting a church. They visited Holy Trinity in Great Hautbois and took the opportunity to look at the amazing guiding kneelers there.

Staying in the Reedcutters’ Huts was a very different experience for us all. The bunks in the 8-berth cabins had really comfy mattresses. There was a solid shelter to cook in and a huge marquee with a solid floor and loads of tables and chairs for crafts and games. It also had electric light which was a great bonus. It was a nice change to have no tents to pitch and, when it rained in the evening, not having to rush around checking brailing pegs. Also there were no wet tents to dry when we got home!

Reedcutters’ Village - bridge building Reedcutters’ Village - canoeing

Reedcutters’ Village - kneelers