Anglia Outdoor Challenge

During the summer term Willingham Guides worked towards the Anglia Outdoor Challenge Badge. To gain the badge we had to complete five challenges (not all done out of doors!).

We started with “Be a Good Sport” which involved trying a new sport. The sport that was new to us all was wheelchair basketball. The girls learnt that the wheelchairs are especially adapted for the sport. The evening started with some training exercises learning to operate the wheelchairs and throw and catch a ball at the same time. Not easy! The Guides then played games against each other in teams. They were interested to learn that they didn’t have to be disabled to play the sport.

We then did “Adventure Time”. The adventure was going scuba diving. This was something the Guides had asked to do the previous term. It wasn’t quite the diving with sharks they requested, as it was in a local swimming pool. Everyone had one-to-one tuition and they were soon swimming underwater. Most were able to dive and swim through hoops at the bottom of the deep end.

An ever popular activity is lighting fires and cooking over them which was the “Eating Out” challenge. The Guides had the challenge of lighting the fires with no matches using flints and steels. They all succeeded and were soon cooking sausages on sticks, followed by toasting marshmallows.

For the “About the Environment” challenge we went pond dipping at Fen Drayton Lakes. We caught and identified many different things, including an eel!

The final challenge was “Exploration”, so we went on a penny hike around the village. We tossed a coin at every junction to decide whether to go right or left.

The Guides all agreed that scuba diving was their favourite activity in their Anglia Outdoor Challenge, with wheelchair basketball coming a close second.

Anglia Outdoor Challenge - Scubadiving1        Anglia Outdoor Challenge - Scubadiving2

Anglia Outdoor Challenge- Badge Anglia Outdoor Challenge - Wheelchair basketballAnglia Outdoor Challenge - Wheelchair basketball Anglia Outdoor Challenge - Cookout