Amy takes on the Cambridge University Scout and Guide Club Marathon challenge

On Saturday 24 November the friendly rivalry between Guiding and Scouting was put aside in Witchford. Amy Dyson, a Brownie leader, joined the village Cub and Scout leaders to compete in the CUSAGC (Cambridge University Scout and Guide Club) Marathon Challenge.

The annual event sees teams gain points by visiting as many of the 26 checkpoints as they can in nine hours. Teams are given grid references to choose their own route around the checkpoints, some of which they will reach after dark.

Amy and the ‘Witchford Wanderers’ took part for the first time this year walking nearly 21 miles and reaching an impressive 18 checkpoints. Several of the footpaths across fields were newly ploughed, which added to the challenge.

Teams are able to earn extra points by completing challenges at some of the stations. These timed-challenges required inventiveness and teamwork to complete tasks such as using bucket stilts on their heads to move water through an obstacle course!

Amy said, “The event was great fun and brought us a real sense of achievement at the end. I think the Scouters were impressed with how tough Brownie leaders can be!”

Amy would recommend any leaders who enjoy walking and a challenge to join the next CUSAGC 10 mile event in the spring. For more information please visit the CUSAGC website.

Amy and the 'Witchford Wanderers'

Amy and the ‘Witchford Wanderers’