A display of the history of guiding in Swavesey

Congratulations to Girlguiding Swavesey, and Caroline Stevens in particular, for a wonderful display of the history of guiding in Swavesey. It was up for three days in St Andrew’s church as part of the Swavesey Festival week-end. The theme of the festival was Swavesey through the Ages. The guiding display in the church was one of a large range of models, tableaux and displays all about the history of the village set against a rich display of flowers.

The display showed a time line of guiding in the village using material offered by villagers and the county archives. The display was well admired by the many visitors who came to the church to see all the displays. It was a great PR event for guiding in Swavesey and a fine demonstration of our guiding history.

Guiding history display in Swavesey