38th Cambridge Guides do Bake Off

Bake offThe 38th Cambridge Guides decided to undertake the Great Girlguiding Anglia Bake Off challenge in a different way by doing it on their Spring Camp. The camp took place on the weekend of 2-4 May 2015 at the Jarman Centre, our residential centre in Newmarket. To add to the mix, Rosalyn, one of the leaders was undertaking her residential qualification

For the signature bake the Guides had to bake a cake using an unusual cooking vessel on a wood fire. The Guides opted to use tin cans and orange skins. They made s’more cakes, chocolate chip cakes and plain sponges.
The technical challenge was to make a filled bread loaf on a wood fire. This met with varied success but the Leaders and some of the Guides managed to bake delicious loaves. The Leaders’ five cheese and herb loaf was very yummy!
For the showstopper challenge the Guides had to decorate a cake, which had a surprise in it. The theme of camp was spies and the girls created bombs, a briefcase and sticks of dynamite. The surprises in the middle of the cakes were Smarties and popping candy. They looked and tasted great.

“All in all it was a fantastic experience as the Guides had to keep their fires going all day to not only cook the bread and cakes but also their meals as well.” commented Leader Linda Scott.